Decentralized community payment network solution


Cellular PAY provides independent distribution capabilities for vendors and payment channels, and builds a closed-loop ecosystem that is tightly integrated with issuing, payment and acceptance, which will minimize the user's participation threshold.

Token SALE

The total amount of tokens is 1 billion, 90% for mining, 5% for early private equity and exchange IEO, and 5% for start-up team (gradual release by quarter).



Combining the advantages of decentralization and centralization, Cellular PAY fully guarantees payment efficiency. what’s more, the social payment network provides greater flexibility.


Participants do not need to know about blockchain such as the complex public key and private key, they can participate without feeling.


A set of zero-knowledge proof identity system on chain, with ring signature, mixed currency, chain information encryption and other means to achieve anonymous transfer and payment.

Buyer-seller protections

Vendors possess the ownership of payment data and reduce the risk of data leakage to business and consumers.

Independent payment network

Establish an independent payment ecosystem by issuing eco-stable coins, effectively reducing the handling fee.

Open ecology

Cellular PAY's API covers a standardized interface of the user system and the payment instrument. Based on the API provided by Cellular PAY, developers can release more applications.



Gaming platform

Through the OTC community, platform users are provided with convenient charge methods. If the user withdraws from the game platform, the participating traders can obtain the fee sharing.


Community channel

The community channel acts as a link between the user and the payment scenario, and is responsible for the issuance and acceptance of the transit stable currency. The scenario can quickly access without changing the existing service.


Shopping mall

Establish a reliable membership system and internal payment business ecosystem by issuing stable coins circulating inside the mall.